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In the south of Bolzano South Tyrol shows itself from its sunny side. Blossoming orchards and golden vineyards characterise the landscape of the Überetsch and the South Tyrolean lowlands. Blue-green bathing lakes are embedded in shady mixed forests, which in the higher altitudes merge into extensive coniferous forests and peaceful alpine regions. In the valleys, endless vineyards dominate and extensive orchards, lemons, palm trees and cypresses dominate the landscape around the picturesque villages. With Eppan, Überetsch is one of the regions with the most castles. The theme of wine is present everywhere here and is a centuries-old cultural asset. The South Tyrolean Wine Route, which connects the well-known wine villages, is particularly popular with wine lovers and connoisseurs. It is not for nothing that Lake Kaltern gives its name to a fruity, fresh red wine and the wine village Tramin to the aromatic Gewürztraminer. The vineyards stretch far up over the sunny slopes of the lowlands. The mountain areas on the eastern slope of the Unterland, the Reggelberg with the Trudner Horn, the Schwarzhorn and the Weißhorn, as well as the Mendelkamm in the west offer a completely different landscape with alpine character and are popular retreat areas. Idyllic villages far away from the hustle and bustle encourage you to pause, hike or simply enjoy the summer resort.

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